DAP Angel’s yay or nay?

Presenting DAP Angel’s


From left to right: Dyana, Syefura and Melati

2015 has seen DAP go through many downs some even right straight into the slums, so with elections nearby is their new tactic to unleash another Dyana? This time not one, but three at the same time.

Is DAP focusing on how to attract to attract the Malay voters by putting up three different version on the modern Malay girls in Malaysia?

DAP girls and their scandalous stories

Since the start Dyana has been creating her name in scandalous stories of her being in bikinis and intimate pictures with her then partner, catching people’s attention as a ‘baju kurung’ DAP member. Nothing much about her achievements after the Teluk Intan by-elections in which she was defeated. In recent news she did state in the media “you will hear me roar” we haven’t even heard a “purr” from her.


dyana gatai


Not long after that, a hijabi sweetheart attracted the media attention by following the footsteps of Dyana into DAP, her name Syefura Othman or better known as “Rara” gained immediate access to the public platform not for her politics but her offensive remark she had issues against a Sultan which caused her to be questioned in a sedition investigation.

rara gatai

Introducing their third “angel” a niqab activist Jamila Rahim her name but popularly known as Melati. She’s been in the news for her disapproval of people name calling her. Honestly if she can’t handle criticism lashed out towards her now, imagine later on in the future. One must be thick skinned to join politics. Is she the “PAS” version of DAP? Will she able to grow one heck of a thick skin before the elections?

niqab hottie

The trio has been stirring a media storm with many controversies mainly on their appearance, is this the new tactic done by DAP? Are they now using these media darlings to garner in votes for the future elections?

What can these girls bring to the table?

DAP Angel’s yay or nay?

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